The Good lab is focused on understanding the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation in mammals (and some beetles). We combine population and comparative genomics with quantitative genetics to understand how natural selection shapes biological diversity within and between species.

A brief synopsis of current research projects and representative publications can be found via the links at the top of this page.

Evolutionary Genomics

Recent Lab News

4/2/14 - NSF GRFP! - Our lab manager Sara Keeble has received an NSF pre-doc. She will be starting her PhD next fall at USC in the lab of Matt Dean.

4/1/14 Award & paper - Matt Jones has received received the 2014 Univ. Wyoming Outstanding Master’s Thesis award for his work on Avian malaria with Matt Carling. He also just had a first author paper published in Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 

4/14 Molecular Ecology cover - Erica Larson’s dissertation work on cricket hybridization just made the cover of Molecular Ecology. Check our the paper and a perspective piece here.

2/7/14 - NSF DDIG! - Tom Brekke has received an NSF Grant in support of his dissertation research on hybrid inviability in dwarf hamsters.

1/17/14 - Heredity Paper - A review synthesizing the last decade of our collaborative work with Jack Sullivan, John Demboski, and others on hybridization in chipmunks has been accepted in Heredity.

11/12/13 - Instrumentation Grant!  - John McCutcheon (UM) and Jeff just received a large instrumentation from the Murdock Charitable trust in support of a UM Genomics core and training facility. The core should be open spring 2014!