The Good Lab


The Good lab is focused on understanding the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation in mammals (and some beetles). We combine population and comparative genomics with quantitative genetics to understand how natural selection shapes biological diversity within and between species.

A brief synopsis of current research projects and representative publications can be found via the links at the top of this page.

Evolutionary Genomics

Recent Lab News

8/28/15 - Evolution Cover- Thanks to Alex Badyaev’s amazing photography, our study on hybridization in chipmunks has been published as the cover article for the August issue of Evolution.

8/20/15 - AGA Symposium - Jeff, Erica Larson, and Ryan Bracewell represented the Good lab at the 2015 American Genetics Association President’s Symposium on Sex Chromosomes and Evolution. Thanks to Katie Peichel for organization a tremendous meeting on Bainbridge Island (Washington).

7/20/15 - SMBE ’15 - Tom Brekke and Brice Sarver represented the Good lab at SMBE 2015 in Vienna with presentations on imprinting in hamsters and phylogenomics in mice.

6/29/15 - Paper - Matt Jones and Jeff just had a review on the use of targeted capture in evolutionary genomics accepted as part of a forthcoming Molecular Ecology special issue on “Detecting selection in natural populations”.

6/23/15 - Award - Matt Jones just received an NSF-GROW scholarship to support a 6 month internship in Jeff Jensen’s Lab at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland!

4/30/15 - Award - Matt Jones just received a Grant-in-Aid of Research from the American Society of Mammalogists to support his work on snowshoe hares!