The Good Lab


The Good lab is focused on understanding the genetic basis of adaptation and speciation in mammals (and some beetles). We combine population and comparative genomics with quantitative genetics to understand how natural selection shapes biological diversity within and between species.

A brief synopsis of current research projects and representative publications can be found via the links at the top of this page.

Evolutionary Genomics

Recent Lab News

4/30/15 - Award - Matt Jones just received a Grant-in-Aid of Research from the American Society of Mammalogists to support his work on snowshoe hares!

4/23/15 - Paper - A lab collaborative project with Matt Dean (USC) on mouse copulatory plug evolution has been accepted at Heredity.

4/21/15 - Award - Lab undergrad Erin Nordquist just received a UM award as the outstanding graduating senior in Genetics and Evolution!

3/26/15 - Award - Tom Brekke just received the Bertha Morton award from UM for graduate excellence!

3/15-20/15 - Gordon Con - Speciation - Erica Larson and Ryan Bracewell attended the Gordon Conference on Speciation in Ventura, CA, presenting their research on speciation genomics in mice and beetles, respectively.

3/1-5/15 - G10K - Jeff attended the Genomes 10K conference in Santa Cruz, presenting on gene expression and speciation. 

11/20/14 - ESA Award - Ryan Bracewell won a President’s Prize for best student talk in his section at the annual Entomological Society meeting!